Georgian Bay’s 30,000 Islands have a fascinating beginning.

The 30,000 Islands of Georgian Bay represent the world’s largest freshwater archipelago. Part of the Canadian Shield, the islands are thought to be the eroded roots of an ancient mountain range called the Grenville Mountains. Although our cruises only explore a portion of the roots of these mountains, passengers will see enough to challenge their imaginations.


The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve is an honored designation.

The granite-sculpted shorelines of the islands, exposed by the glaciers at the end of the last ice age, and the windswept white pine forests that adorn the islands, create numerous distinct habitats that support a variety of both well-known and rare species including plants, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. The uniqueness of the island ecosystem earned the area World Biosphere Reserve status from the United Nations in 2004.  One of the highlights of both our two and three-hour cruise, the “Hole in the Wall,” is one of the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve’s “Amazing Places.”  To learn more about the other Amazing Places visit


Georgian Bay is rich history and culture.

Archeological records reveal long-standing Aboriginal settlements along the mainland and islands of Georgian Bay. In fact, descendants of these historic Aboriginal settlements still live and thrive in the area today. Early explorers such as Samuel de Champlain travelled among the islands and eventually opened the area up to commercial trading in furs and lumber and eventually shipping and tourism.

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We’re delighted you’re interested in cruising with us aboard the 550-passenger Island Queen. Both our two-hour cruise and three-hour cruise will generate lasting memories for you and your family. Georgian Bay’s 30,000 Islands region is a wonderfully relaxing area to explore by tour boat and passengers tend to get lost in the moment of imagining the area as it once was and as it they see it today. The cruises are truly trips into the heart of Canadian wilderness and the northern way of life. We would love to welcome you aboard and introduce you to what we are truly blessed to call our home.

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The Original Two-Hour Morning Cruise

All aboard the Island Queen for a relaxing cruise through the narrow channels and shallow waterways of Georgian Bay’s charming inner islands.

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The Flagship Three-Hour Afternoon Cruise

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime as our captain’s bring you surprisingly up-close to Georgian Bay’s wild and rugged outer islands.

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