These are the tours that put the Island Queen Cruise on the map around the world. On these non-stop three-hour tours we follow in the wake of early explorers as the captain’s bring the ship surprisingly up-close to the rugged shoreline of the Bay’s remote outer islands. Passengers enjoy a captain’s eye view of these outer islands as the ship meanders into narrow channels within an eco-system so unique that it has earned World Biosphere status from the United Nations. We offer two routes for these tours, both of which travel through the famous Hole in the Wall channel and Killbear Provincial Park.  The Outer Islands Route around Parry Island, home to the Wasauksing First Nation, will be offered every day except for Tuesdays and highlights include the outer islands, the Massassauga Provincial Park, the Rose Point Swing Bridge and charming summer cottages.  The North Channel Route will be offered each Tuesday and highlights include the inner islands of the North Channel, the outer islands, spectacular views of Georgian Bay’s open water and rugged cabins and summer retreats.  Don’t forget your camera for these tours!

“I rarely award five out of five but the Island Queen Cruise merits it. This is maybe the best tourism cruise in Ontario. The scenery is truly spectacular – you could just keep taking photographs the whole time.”

Cam P.


May 28, June 1, 5, 8, 9, 12 and daily from June 15 to Oct. 14




Prices Before Tax

$ 67

Kids 6 - 12
$ 35

Kids 5 & Under

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