We are so excited to get out on the water with you this summer!  Our guests’ safety and well-being has always been our number one priority and during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have only increased our commitment to providing safe, outstanding experiences among the 30,000 Islands.  Our dedicated team will continue to monitor guidance from health authorities during the 2021 operating season regarding measures we should be following to ensure everyone remains healthy.  In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have adopted many new safety measures, some of which are detailed below.  We will continue these practices into the future for as long as the COVID-19 pandemic dictates.  There were no COVID-19 cases linked to our operations in 2020 and we aim to keep it that way in 2021!

Crew Member Health: Crew members are instructed not to come into work if they, or members of their families, are experiencing one or more of the Covid-19 symptoms.

Physical Distancing: Best practices in physical distancing have been implemented including the use of floor markers and directional arrows, the installation of plexiglass at service counters, the provision of ample staging for loading and unloading, the use of contactless online ticketing and significantly reduced guest capacity on vessels.  In addition, seating has been reconfigured on the Island Queen to make sure there is ample distance between passengers and large windows ensure maximum fresh air flow through the vessel.

Increased Focus on Sanitization: The 30,000 Island Cruise Line has an excellent safety and cleanliness track record. For almost 50 years, the cleaning and disinfecting of our ships’ surfaces has been a top priority before, during and after our boat tours.  In addition to our standard sanitizing measures, we have increased the frequency and focus of our cleaning procedures to ensure high touch areas are sanitized regularly and thoroughly. In addition, we have cancelled most morning tours aboard the Island Queen to ensure that crew members have the time they need to properly clean and disinfect the ship each day.

The 30,000 Island Cruise Lines reserves the right to modify its safety measures at any point without prior notice.